Welcome to Year 1!

Year 1 is an exciting year for children full of fun and learning. The children begin to develop skills that will support them throughout their life such as: being independent; how to be a good citizen and friend; as well as a jam-packed curriculum!

Miss Ross is Year 1’s class teacher and the children have the pleasure of being support by Mrs Carrick, their dedicated teaching assistant. We also have a class minion who stays with the ‘Star of the Week’. We like to have lots of fun in Year 1, but we also understand the importance of being safe and following the rules.

The phonics screening test is a big focus in Year 1. The children will prepare for this throughout the year by playing games, completing writing and reading activities, group activities, homework and computer games, which they thoroughly enjoy.

For more details regarding the year group’s content for English and Maths, please take a look at our 'The curriculum' page under 'About us'.

Yearly Overviews

  • Year 1 Long Term Plan
    Year 1 Long Term Plan
  • Medium Term Plan: Mathematics
    Medium Term Plan: Mathematics
  • Spelling Overview
    Spelling Overview
  • Phonic Skills Overview
    Phonic Skills Overview
  • Medium Term Plan: Literacy
    Medium Term Plan: Literacy

The Classroom

Class Newsletter

  • Spring Newsletter
    Spring Newsletter

What is the best way to describe Class 1 at Hunwick Primary School?

Every child in Class 1 was asked to describe Hunwick in three words, this shows their responses.

Year 1 Year 1 Year 1
Year 1 Year 1 Year 1

Class News

Year 1 Explore the Seasons

Year 1 Explore the Seasons
Year 1 have made a video about the seasons.

The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip
The children made their own turnip soup and then applied their new knowledge of suffixes when writing their own recipes.

Penelope with the Suitors

Penelope with the Suitors
Hunwick Primary School took part in a whole school Art and Design Week, based on The National Gallery's Take One Picture Project.

Animals Including Humans

Animals Including Humans
Year One have had some creepy crawly guests this term.

MacMillan Gingerbread Men Bake Off

MacMillan Gingerbread Men Bake Off
For the MacMillan Coffee Morning, Year One carried out research to investigate which biscuits were most popular.