Welcome to Class 3!

Welcome to our wonderful class!

We are a mix of Year 2 and 3 who work together harmoniously. We have lots to cover BUT will have lots of fun doing this! Please have a look at our overview ro see what we are up to this year.

While in Class3 we teach children to be more responsible and independent. We are proud to be members of Hunwick Primary School and the local community.

As a member of Class 3 we make good choices, build friendships and have a voice which is heard by others. We are encouraged to share our opinions and appreciate those of others.

We always try our best and are proud of our achievements!

For more details regarding the year group’s content for English and Maths, please take a look at our 'The curriculum' page under 'About us'.

Yearly Overviews

  • Y2 Spelling Overview
    Y2 Spelling Overview
  • Y3 Spelling Overview
    Y3 Spelling Overview
  • Maths Overview
    Maths Overview
  • Class 3 Long Term Plan
    Class 3 Long Term Plan
  • Medium Term Plan: Literacy
    Medium Term Plan: Literacy

The Classroom

Class Newsletter

  • Autumn Newsletter
    Autumn Newsletter

What is the best way to describe Class 3 at Hunwick Primary School?

Every child in Class 3 was asked to describe Hunwick in three words, this shows their responses.

Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3
Year 3 Year 3 Year 3 Year 3


  • Parents Meeting Presentation
    Parents Meeting Presentation

Class News

Penelope with the Suitors

Penelope with the Suitors
Hunwick Primary School took part in a whole school Art and Design Week, based on The National Gallery's Take One Picture Project.


Great news for our swimmers! Many of us are now ready to swim in the deep pool!

Geologist Visit

Geologist Visit
On Thursday 21st September, Class 3 were visited by Stephen Wright, a geologist.