Welcome to Year 4!

Mrs Shale and Mrs Clarkson teach Year 4 with some help from the wonderful Mrs Elstob. Ensuring the children, feel safe, happy and engaged is our priority and therefore making them feel part of the Year 4 team is important. Lessons adhere to the National Curriculum but also take the lead from us and our interests as this is when the best learning occurs.

In addition to being a teacher, Mrs Shale is also responsible for maths and geography across the school and believes it is important to develop a good understanding of the world in which we live. Creating opportunities through access to maps, world news and pen-pals from other schools helps us achieve this.

Our Food Glorious Food topic after Christmas allows us to appreciate where our food comes from, understand Fair trade and learn about food miles. Did you know a banana travels, on average, 4594 miles to reach our plate? We also look at Mexico in depth and learn a little bit of Spanish too with the help of Miss Armstrong. During our history lessons, we learn about life in the past through our topics on Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans. These link well with maths and learning Roman Numerals.

Year 4 is filled with lots of new opportunities and challenges to help us develop and become more independent as we prepare for Upper Key stage 2.

For more details regarding the year group’s content for English and Maths, please take a look at our 'The curriculum' page under 'About us'.

Yearly Overviews

  • Year 4 Long Term Plan
    Year 4 Long Term Plan
  • Spelling Overview
    Spelling Overview
  • Medium Term Plan: Mathematics
    Medium Term Plan: Mathematics
  • Medium Term Plan: Literacy
    Medium Term Plan: Literacy

The Classroom

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    Word Maps to Support Topics

    • Roman Britain
      Roman Britain

    Class News

    A Performance of Macbeth

    A Performance of Macbeth
    Our Year 4 and Year 6 Drama Club performed at King James I Academy on Monday 19th March

    World Book Day

    World Book Day
    Celebrating World Book Day 2018 at Hunwick Primary School

    Choir Performance for Age UK

    Choir Performance for Age UK
    On 12th December, members of the choir from Years 4, 5 and 6 sang at a luncheon for Age UK.

    Penelope with the Suitors

    Penelope with the Suitors
    Hunwick Primary School took part in a whole school Art and Design Week, based on The National Gallery's Take One Picture Project.


    Class 4 and Class 6 begin work on Macbeth