Hunwick Highlights

Hunwick Primary School never stops enriching the children's lives with new and exciting experiences . There have been many highlights and we’ve struggled to limit it to just a couple per month. However, here are some of our most memorable moments.


Some of the various trips to;

  • Beamish – YR, 1, 2, 5, 6
  • Hall Hill Farm – YR
  • Bowes Museum – Y4
  • Palace Green – Y3, 5
  • Oriental Museum – Y3
  • Vindolanda and Hadrian’s Wall – Y4
  • Souter Lighthouse – Yr1, 2
  • Sedgendum Fort - Y5
  • Seaton Carew Beach – YR


Some of the visitors we’ve had in school to talk to us / facilitate workshops;

  • People who help us in our community (YR)
  • Janet from Crushed Chill (Y4, 5)
  • Play in a Day (Y5)
  • Tesco Farm to Fork (Y4)
  • Mr Blacklock talking about the Miners’ Strike (Y6)



Martian arts, Summer Sports, Reading Club, Lexia Club, Rome Club, Table tennis, Football, Disco phonics